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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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approach. >> went to court in new york and in washington to force transit systems to promptly display her latest pro israel poster. support the civilized man. at d.c.'s metro station, many passers by who read the poster frowned at its message. gary and sheila simmons are tourists from new york. >> who is the savage? no human being should ever be called a savage. >> somebody expressed extreme irritation with this poster by attempting to deface it. they pasted something sticky with the word, hate on it. this has already been mostly scraped off. >> d.c. residents who made a point of telling us she is jewish, had read about the poster and on the way to look at it, scrawled a counter message saying all human beings are created in the image of
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god. she stood with her sign for a few minutes in front of the poster and ased a stranger to take her picture so she could post it on her facebook page. now, a more organized response to the poster is being mounted by care. the council on american islamic relations. a counter poster will quote a verse of the koran saying show forgiveness, speak for justice, and avoid the ignorance. >> this message -- for our community, also public. no family value -- >> we read the text from the forthcoming islamic poster to the simmons family to get their reaction. >> that's beautiful. that's beautiful. that's really beautiful. and that can be applied in any religion or any culture. >> the counter posters with the quote from the koran are
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scheduled to go up on or about tuesday. >> there's a call to boycott metro in response to the ads. in a statement, mike honda wrote in part, i encourage to boycott if possible. public transit and other places where the ad is running. he understands many people rely on metro and the ads are displayed as little as possible until they are taken down. this is a bunch of stuff. look. here's the deal. >> what does that mean? a bunch of stuff? >> it means it's inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> we irish call it malarkey. >> a spirited, sometimes snarky showdown. biden's debate tactics are on the firing lines. tom joins us with more. >> some of those reviews have been rough today. listen to this, former bush
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administration adviser, karl rove, said quote, the vice president's constant smiling looked like quote, someone put joker juice in his water on the stage. that is just the start of it. the obama campaign is hailing biden's performance as energetic and passionate. the poll vote differed. a cbs news poll said that biden won 50% to ryan's 32%, but when you look at the cnn poll, they had ryan winning 50% to 41%. down in richmond, virginia, today, mitt romney and paul ryan rallied with their supporters as romney dismissed the president's tactic as simply attack filled. president was traveling last night and watched the vice presidential debate aboard air force one. what both presidential candidates agreed on, though, today, was that in their opinion, their own running mate was the winner. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful,
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steady, and poised. the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis. and that was the vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i could not be prouder of him. i thought he made a very strong case and you know, i really think that making sure the economy grows for the middle class came true. i'm really proud of him. >> today, romney and ryan are going to be traveling to ohio for a rally this everyoning. president obama, meanwhile, he's on his way down to williamsburg, virginia. he's going to be spending the weekend preparing for the next presidential debate, which is on tuesday. >> fox 5 wants to hear from you as we approach the election day, use the d cyoudecide to tweet. as we count down to november. the trial doesn't begin until monday, but defense lawyers already won a key decision in the university of maryland beating case.
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earlier today, a judge ruled jurors will be allowed to view other video that took place in college park after the terps beat duke in a basketball game in 2010. not just the video of two officers allegedly beating a maryland student. officers are accused of assault. let's head down to nationals park. do or die for the nats as they enter game five against the cardinals. live at the ballpark now. scott and lindsey. >> reporter: good everyoning from nats park. lindsey murphy and scott smith here. the nationals are taking batting practice. getting ready for an 8:37 game. game five of the national league division series. win or you are done for the year. >> this is playoff baseball. with the backs against the wall. last night, mark derosa gave the teddy roosevelt speech to the guys in the clubhouse. since davey johnson have something on par with that?
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maybe a rah-rah speech. >> i need to give a speech. these guys are pumped up. they don't need no motivation. geo was telling me days ago, we're going five. we're going five. don't worry about it. we're going five. and i said, what did i tell you? so these guys are all geared up at the moment. >> let's be honest. i don't think a whole lot needs to be said about this game tonight. >> let's swing it out to bob. what's going on out there? >> well scott, they just opened up the gates. right at 6:00, you can see they are open. some folks went in. everybody is going into the game gets another one of these towels, spinning them and building the excitement once the game starts. still 2 1/2 hours away. over here are carla. they have driven up from springfield. carla, are you ready for the cold? are you ready for the game? >> i'm prepared. i have everything to keep me warm and we are excited.
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>> you have been to all three, now, this will be your third playoff game. what was last night like? >> last night was really exciting. but knew in my heart that either jason harper or zimmerman were going to get a home run. i had that feeling. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> i'm feeling great, just like last night. for someone that grew up in this area, this week is a dream come true. >> pinching yourself? >> more than that, yeah. another one, like last night, would be just fine with us. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. thank you. take a look. they are just walking in. these guys have these shirts on. can you see these shirts? they asked me, i was getting ready to ask one of those guys how they are feeling about tonight. i went inside before the gates opened and they let me walk in there. it's smelling good. i smelled a lot of garlic. also a lot of hot dogs. it's going to be a fun night, hopefully with a victory first
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pitch in about 2 1/2 hours. >> enjoy the game, bob. how are you showing your team spirit if you are at the park? a bar, work, e-mail us a picture showing us to and get some air time for you. fans leaving the nats game won't have trouble getting home tonight. open until 3:00 a.m. and metro decided to delay its track work that was supposed to start tonight. the work will begin once the nats game finishes up. metro is making track repairs. parts of the red and green line will be affected. >> i was glad to see fans have all their layers on. it is going to be chilly. about 50 degrees when we have the first pitch, falling into the 40s. the whole area is under a freeze warning. we are talking about that and your weekend orecast just ahead. and more ahead on the news edge. it is a pain that could lead to serious problems. why 911 operators are being overwelmed with accidental calls.
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trouble for american airlines. the airline cutting its flight schedule through the first half of november. in response to an on going pilots dispute, pilots are calling in sick and a few engineers. canceling 31 flights a day. proving something local commuters already know. the d.c. area home to the most congested roadways. the nation's capital is number three across the nation. the tom tom is behind the study. d.c. ranks behind l.a. and san francisco. actually good news, because we have been number one for many years. d.c. commuters who drive 30 minutes to work spend an additional 80 hours a year in their cars because of congestion. >> somebody has been prank dialing the nypd, but not on
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purpose. the new york city emergency system received nearly 4 million accidental calls a year. the majority of those are butt dialing. people calling 911 from mobile phones in their pockets. >> that's horrible, because they can't tend to real emergencies. >> it's excessive and somebody needs to do something about the butt dialing. you know, it's a pry on society, obviously. >> a national report finds responders are finding it difficult to handle all the calls. they are required to stay on the phone, even if there is silence to find out if the call is related to an emergency. perjury officials are concerned that will lead to less response time. you may be searching for a deal on your meds. buying prescription drugs online presents a whole new set of problems. the concerns over counterfeit pills. weddings can be expensive and one bride's plan to get the most, at least the most items she could for free. the so-called run away bride was caught on tape stealing a $5,000 wedding dress with a toddler in tow.
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the fda is cracking down on fake online pharmacies. the survey finds 25% of all consumers purchased prescription drugs online. fox news correspondent has more in this consumer alert. >> websites may be hazardous to your health. the if, da cracking down on thousands of online pharmacies selling fake drugs. and not just to regular folks like you and me, but to medical
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professionals as well. lisa gil is the rescription drugs editor for consumer reports. approximately 1.7 million people use online pharmacies. but, the counterfeit drugs they could be selling carry a very big risk, including medication that is watered down. >> so it's not really effective, as you would expect it to be. that could be dangerous for things, particularly medication you need in your system over a long period of time. >> some of the drugs seized by the fda. viagra, acutane, and tamiflu. gil says if a site doesn't require a prescription, it's probably bogus. also, watch out for sites that don't let you speak with a pharmacist. don't have an address in the u.s., aren't licensed on the fda's website, and have prices that are too good to be true. the fda says many websites falsely claim to be operating out of canada where prescription drugs are less
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expensive. and the drug sold by these companies can even be tainted by poison or other substances. in new york, brenda butner, fox news. >> it's going to cost you more to mail a first class letter starting in january. the post office is raising the price to 46 cents. priority shipping rates are going up by 4%. the postal service is set to lose $15 billion this year. all right, it's going to be a cold one at nats park tonight. >> lots of that emphasis on sports, but there's some racing going on tomorrow. montgomery village in maryland having pumpkin racing for their annual fall festival. i was out there last year, very oriented toward kids. they want you to decorate the pumpkins. they will have a prize and not only that, not only will they have their pumpkin racing, but hayrides, lots of food and lots of fun. let me show you the link for more information. it's up on our website. the pumpkin race is tomorrow
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from 11:00 to 3:00. the whole festival is and it's going to be at the community center on aerohead road. you can find out more by going to we know there's more than just pumpkin racing. it's a race for that pennant and one step closer tonight as we go to our weather map and talk about the nats in gave five. was out there for game four yesterday. this is going to be a chillier one. lots of cardinals fans out there and they were really fantastic out there as they were surrounded by the nats fans yesterday. another exciting game, but a chillier one tonight and the winds should get better after the sun goes down, but you should still be expecting a breeze to 10, 15 miles an hour. first pitch temperature we think will be 51 degrees. it's going to fall into the upper 40s and if you add in that wind, you can shave a couple degrees off and get your windchill there, because it is going to be noticeable and those seats get cold. i'm sure the natitude will keep
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everybody warm. this will be the coldest night we have had so far this season. these are freeze warnings, a freeze is likely. 32 degrees, if not colder in all the purple areas. that does include howard county, montgomery county, also loudoun, prince william, and fauquier, and many points to the north and west. this is additional now. frost advisories for the district for fairfax and prince georges county and over to anne arundel. that generally means your temperature could fall to 36 degrees. so what you want to do on a night like this is bring in those sensitive plants or cover up anything you don't want to lose, because it may be too cold tonight. 58 degrees now. the wind continues to keep temperatures mixed up just a little bit and keeps the atmosphere mixed up. it would be colder. at this hour, gusts to 30 miles an hour. definitely a chill in the air with that. again, better, but still a bit of a breeze for the game for those of you heading out there. dulles, wind gusts at 22 miles
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an hour and so once we remove those winds and they get lighter, we are talking about 32 degrees for gaithersburg tonight. 28 for frederick. here in the district, 40 to 41 degrees. but again, feeling colder in many other areas. a snapshot of your weekend, it looks terrific. ten degrees on sunday. we have had a front going through this afternoon and that's why our temperatures have dropped and wind picked up. sunny and cool for saturday. warmer day on sunday. looks fantastic. and we'll probably have a little bit of a mix of sun and clouds and maybe another nats game. here's your forecast with high pressure in control for tomorrow in a northeast wind. we will notice that chill in the air, but again, a warm up coming for us on sunday. we jump ahead to your fox 5accu weather forecast. a nice weekend with a 10-degree difference in temperature between saturday and sunday. monday could be interesting, brian, about 74 degrees. stronger front coming through. could produce some showers and thunderstorms and it looks settled and a little bit cooler
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for the rest of the workweek after that. >> thank you. it may warm up this weekend, but at snow shoe mountain, they are getting ready for the snow. the resort has fired up this week. large amounts of snow over the forest hills, employees decided to test the snow gun ahead of ski season. >> sports live from nats park on the news edge. scott. >> brian, it's all on the line tonight, game five from nats park. geo gets a second start of the season tonight. if he has to hand it off to the bullpen, a group that doesn't often get their deserves. they did their job last night. we'll have that story and a preview of tonight's game five coming up. [ mitt romney ] look at the evidence of the last four years.
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under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone. my plan is to bring down rates to get more people working. my priority is putting people back to work in america. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. welcome back to nats park. game five. i'm scott smith. last night, the image was that of jason worth and the walkoff home run. there were a lot of components to last night's game. why they got the w. a lot of
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people stepped up. >> ross had a great start. probably the best start of any pitcher, not to mention ian desmond. in the later innings. >> when he had to hand it off, they stepped up as well. let's take you inside their game last night. jordan zimmerman, relieved starting pitcher in the 7th. he struck out all three batters he faced. the game even at 1. 8th inning, it was tyler cliff ford's turn. keep the score tied at 1. drew struck out the first two batters he faced. eight consecutive outs. detwiler certainly appreciative of his bullpen. >> can't say enough about jordan coming out of the bullpen. seeing 97 and a nasty slider at 91, you feel like hitters don't have a chance. >> to do that in the 7th inning like jordan did, it's incredible. especially in a situation that he's not used to. but that's another thing that makes baseball so much fun. >> you know, cliff came in and
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drew came in and put up zeros and it was only a matter of time. >> from pitching to offense, we look at the two big hitters, ian desmond and ryan zimmerman. >> and jason worth stepped up, but a couple guys that need to have great performances tonight, danny, he is just one for 12. adam laroche, 2 for 13. and then mike morris, he is 3 for 15, and the other players struggling. the rookie, bryce harper. he has not faired so well in his debut here. he has claimed four games, one hit, and 18 at bats. six of those have been strikeouts. he tried everything, batting gloves, he cannot break out of this funk. he hopes tonight he can get it turned around. >> really frustrated about it really. i'm just missing pitches. just popping them up. just missing them. i feel good up there. there's nothing i can do. coming out here and everybody swinging it and you know, i'm
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not. kind of hard. >> tonight, 37 first pitch, there's another team in town. the redskins. all right, some injury news to get to. rg3, he thinks he's going to go. he'll be a game time decision on sunday. a setback with the split today. but opponent has been surprising in the nfl this year. >> against the vikings, they could be competing with the nats. if they win tonight. let's talk about the vikings more. the redskins face yet another talented quarterback this week. in second year, christian ponder. ponder out of florida state. they win 2-9 in games that he played in. this year, he has thrown six touchdowns, leading the vikings to a 4-1 record. they face yet another tough test this weekend. >> he is accurate and athletic, also. he doesn't get enough credit for his speed. he will break and get a first
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down or he has been making good pass. so his legs and accuracy are both jumping out at me. >> we are looking at another game that is in progress right now. the baltimore orioles and new york yankees and right now, in the 5th inning, the yankees have the edge, 1-0. >> it's an exciting time for baseball. we'll monitor it all. we will be here. we'll hopefully have a champagne celebration. >> you can never have too much of that. we'll send it back to you guys. >> back here tonight at 10:00. the news edge at 11:00. have a fantastic friday night. see you. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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